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A Liverpool VoIP Phone System For Growing Businesses

A Liverpool VoIP Phone System For Growing Businesses
You are a growing business
You are the lifeblood of the economy
Companies like yours deliver over 80 percent of all business in Liverpool

In today’s economic conditions you need new tools to
Improve your customer service
increase your productivity
and cut your costs

You’ve heard of VoIP and how it can save you up to 40% of communication costs every year
Well that’s just the start, Birchills Telecom has taken VoIP to a whole new level and into the cloud

So what is cloud communications and how can it help your business
Cloud communications is hosted telephony services on the internet
That means that your entire communication system can now be hosted offsite which reduces your hardware costs and makes calls cheaper

So why move to the cloud — simple
You get the look and feel like of a FTSE 100 company with all of the same features
You save up to forty percent off your current costs
and you get a unified communication system that is not tied to one office

It gives you click to call
IVR virtual attendant
Call queuing
Real time reporting
And more all joined into a single interface

It’s easy to use
incredibly powerful
and costs far less

So to see and hear what the simplest VoIP yet can do for your business give us a call.

If we can help further please contact us- we are real friendly people you can talk to.
Birchills Telecom has been providing the simplest and most powerful business VoIP phone systems since 2009.

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