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October 4, 2016

SIP Trunking


SIP TrunkingSession Initiation Protocol:

Our SIP Trunking solution provides enterprises with massive tangible benefits in hard cost savings and operational network efficiencies. SIP trunking provides networking capabilities for enterprises looking to achieve improved efficiencies for their network design, cost reductions for WAN networking and enablement of a new wave of SIP enabled applications.

Far more cost effective than traditional phone lines, with Threshold Communications SIP trunking services, you are connecting to multiple SIP servers so there are no single points of failure. Threshold SIP trunks are managed in our geographically redundant data center. We can then deliver calls to and from almost anywhere in the nation or world, all the while keeping your local phone numbers.

Features and Benefits:

▪ Single IP connection for voice and data
▪ Converged infrastructure for cost savings
▪ Open software-based architecture
▪ One standard protocol for all communications
▪ Reduced hardware costs
▪ Unification of multiple forms of real-time communications

What is SIP Trunking:

A versatile and cost-effective PBX integration/trunk replacement service that delivers the benefits of session initiation protocolVoIP while retaining existing traditional or IP PBX/Key systems.

SIP Trunking is an open industry standard that allows voice equipment to interoperate with the enterprise data equipment over an IP network. SIP Trunks enable enterprises to create a single, pure IP point-to-point network connection to the Threshold cloud.

No more 1 T1 for voice and 1 T1 for data, now both T1’s can do both!

Why SIP makes sense for your enterprise?

Threshold SIP Trunks and networking reduces monthly cost of separate Voice and data circuits. Costs associated with capital and operating expenses for dedicated Voice interface hardware can also be eliminated. This means reduced hardware costs and eliminating the need for costly SIP gateways. These savings are especially great for enterprises with multiple offices.

In addition to hard cost savings, SIP Trunks also delivers operational network efficiencies by improving the utilization of your services. With SIP trunks, we can maximize your internet connection speed! For enterprises with multiple locations, calls from one location can be re-directed to another location without interference to customers and business partners.

SIP Before Sip trunking, companies had local restrictions. Each location had local lines and rarely if ever used all of them. Each location was limited to the local calling area where they were located.

Now with Threshold Communications SIP trunks, your whole company can share all the phone lines regardless of location. This economy of scale alone often saves you 40% or more. With Threshold Communications as your sip trunking provider, we can provide two-way calling virtually anywhere in the world regardless of your location.



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