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October 4, 2016

Dial Tone


business dial tone servicesLocal and Nationwide Dial Tone for Business.

Threshold Local Phone Service offers the reliable and flexible business phone systems to keep you in touch with customers and business partners. As the most heavily used communications services, Threshold will present a customized comprehensive and cost-effective calling plan package with feature-rich offerings to meet your business phone systems needs.

When you partner with Threshold, we make the entire process seamless to you and the outside world. You have the option to keep your existing numbers or provision a new set of numbers. Our goal is to deliver the solution that fits your organization and make the transition as smooth and quick as possible.


Threshold offers the following Local Phone Services:

• Digital T1 Lines
• Direct Inward Dial (DID) Trunks
• Direct Inward and Outward Dial Lines
• ISDN PRI Lines
• Measured Business Lines
Long Distance and Toll Free 800 Service
Hosted PBX
• 1+ dial
SIP trunking
Private Lines

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