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AWS VPC To VPC Connections Over IPSEC VPN

AWS VPC To VPC Connections Over IPSEC VPN
Learn how to build a secure VPN with security and failover between multiple VPCs using Openswan as a software-based VPN solution. Today, we will be going through how to set up a full-mesh topology (where every region has its own unique connection to all other regions). Openswan is a great choice because first of all it is free to use, and it is quite versatile for different use cases.
Also, if you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VPC, I would highly recommend reading up on it. You may be surprised what it can offer your company!

Here is the link to relevant documents, configs, and instructions

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15 thoughts on “AWS VPC To VPC Connections Over IPSEC VPN

  • Hi Ben
    I tried to follow the vid with just two gateways to start – I can see the 2 tunnels being up but I can’t seem to ping any remote hosts! Wondering if you could give me some advice, cheers.

  • Also be sure to disable ‘src/dest checking ‘ on the instance so you can pass traffic 😉 This should be under the menu when you right click the instance.

  • initial Main Mode message received on but no connection has been authorized with policy=PSK
     What could i be doing wrong here?

  • Hi Benjamin, Thanks for the video. I tried setting up one VPC in N.California and one more in Oregon after following the steps you have mentioned in the Video(steps until 30’th minute in the Video). I’m encountering a problem after the setup:

    I am unable to ping the Private IP of the frontend machines from either side. When I checked the status of the ipsec service. It says: 

    IPsec running  – pluto pid: 22320
    pluto pid 22320
    No tunnels up

  • Thank you for this video.  It was hugely helpful to me.  I’m actually connecting from AWS to a Cisco ASA, and I have Openswan independent from NAT instances, so not the very same situation, but still helpful.  I had most everything right in my configs, but watching your vid showed me where I went wrong in a couple of places.

    Question:  With help from your video, both sides now show that a tunnel is up, and the little “diagram” you get from “ipsec –status” looks correct.  However, the “remote” (Cisco) side says they see no traffic from pings coming from my side.

    I can’t see how to look at the “internet” side/interface of my Openswan gateway (seems like AWS makes that impossible?).

    I feel like the basic routing is correct (using tcpdump I see the pings destined for their network hit my Openswan gateway, rather than the IGW), but they say they see no traffic on their side.  I have source/dest checking off, as well as the sysctl file updated correctly.  My SGs are pretty open at this point.  Any other ideas?

    Anyway, thanks again for the great video!

  • Is it advisable to configure Cisco ASA with a 9.1 firmware for this setup or is it advisable to necessarily upgrade to 9.7 to exploit BGP/dynamic routing?

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