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3 Phases Of PPP Including PAP And CHAP

3 Phases Of PPP Including PAP And CHAP
Negotiate, configure and test communication through LCP. NCP is the interface from LCP to the various network layer protocols. PAP and CHAP are the authentication protocols.


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2 thoughts on “3 Phases Of PPP Including PAP And CHAP

  • Hi I have the following question:
    Assume that the only computer in a residence uses PPP to communicate with the ISP. If the user sends
    10 network-layer packets to the ISP, how many frames are exchanged between the two ends if CHAP is
    being used for authentication? Explain your answer by showing a step-by-step process of the frames
    that would be transmitted and give a brief explanation of the different stages.

    Can you help me please? Thanks

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