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Virtual PBX – Phone Systems For Business – RingCentral

Virtual PBX – Phone Systems For Business – RingCentral
During the course of this video we will be performing the following tasks.

1) The initial setup. This will be the first page signup. The contact by Ring
central. Then the login with the 30day trial offer.

2) The changing of the Voice mail from the standard default greeting. To a
custom greeting that can be added.

3) Sending a standard fax. Using the fax out program.

4) Receiving a standard fax using the fax out program.
During the setup we will walk through a basic trial account. This will require filling out the form. Submitting to Ring central. An 800 number will be given to call.

After calling Ring Central they will create a login and phone number.

We then log into the dashboard of Ring Central. The first thing we do is change the standard computer greeting with the company name.
We then proceed to faxing out a document. This involves choosing a cover page.

Then choosing a document to be inserted into the fax. We actually use an Hp test fax number in the video. Just so we are not sending a junk fax to someone.

After the fax has been sent we show in the video how to view the outbound fax in the out box. Ring Central also gives a notification that the fax has been sent as well.

One other step that is gone over is the scheduled fax. If a sensitive fax is being sent to a fax machine say in a “public “ environment. The recipient may want it only delivered during business hours.

Next we show how to receive a fax. In this case we will send a fax to ourselves. This will show what an incoming fax will look like. So just like the “Send fax “ portion. A cover sheet is chosen along with a word doc to be inserted into the fax.

This time we look at the inbound box and can view the received fax that was just sent.
This concludes this video. There will be more on “How to use Ring central” in the near future.

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