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Cloud Based Telephony: Hosted PBX Vs Premise Based PBX

Cloud Based Telephony: Hosted PBX Vs Premise Based PBX
SimiPlex Technologies provides businesses with the latest resilient network based service, providing a comprehensive range of telephony features for a flexible monthly access fee. The monthly fee includes all maintenance and support costs, giving you superior service at an all-inclusive price.
Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call center operations.

SimiPlex’s hosted platform offers a number of improvements to productivity while at the same time reducing costs, but there are also some key industry trends which are raising questions.

• Rise of the cloud – Both Google and Microsoft have been running sizeable campaigns in metropolitan areas talking about how Cloud Computing and Telephony can add value to an organization.

Benefits of the cloud:

– Business continuity & disaster recovery
-Your telecommunications systems will grow with your business
-No throwing out existing equipment – extend the life of your PBX
-Making best use of limited in house technical skills
-Deal with a single supplier – one point of responsibility
-Advanced features


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