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What Is A PBX

[shortcode1] What Is A PBX A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a term that comes from the days when phone systems were just starting to come into existence. A PBX was a phone system that allowed a way for telephone lines to be shared by more than one person. Introduction to SIP: [shortcode2]

Telephone And PBX Cross-connections

[shortcode1] Telephone And PBX Cross-connections shows how cross-connections are made from Station cabling over to the PBX. Using a one-pair 22 or 24 gauge copper jumper wire, we make “cross-connects” from the wire going out to the Telephone jack over to the ports (terminals or TN) on the PBX. Office phones are plugged in to[…]

Barracuda Phone System

[shortcode1] Barracuda Phone System Finally, a next-generation PBX that’s purpose-built for IT guys. The Barracuda Phone System natively supports the SIP standard, making it compatible with any SIP enabled handset or soft phone. With no per-user or per-feature fees, simply connect the Barracuda Phone System to your existing network and enjoy all the features you[…]